The Best Things In Life Are Free

Because it’s been a LOOONG while already since I last posted an update about you, I’m now “forced” to sum up all the fun and sweet and amazing things that we’ve been having together.

Before you were out, I planned to do exclusive breastfeeding, but all that we could manage was mixed feeding (breastmilk + formula). I made it work for only 10 months, but I think that’s fine because I see that you’re a happy and smart kid. I’m satisfied. You took your first step on your 10th month, and have been walking around since then. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Who’s not to feel this way, when your baby — who used to be so tiny and fragile — now thinks that the stairs is the most interesting part of the house? I’m sure all moms would understand. You got your first haircut 2 weeks after your first bday :D You were so well-behaved on that car seat at Cuts-4-Tots!

You’re now a year and a half old, having fun playing with syllables to form words. MAMA, DADA, HAK (hug), MIK (milk), BUK (book), BAL (ball) are only some of them. You know what a flower is, butterfly, sun, apple, dog, cat, elephant, giraffe and lots of other stuff. You can dance, and mimic actions that you see on TV. For tricks, you know how to do a “bless” (mano), kiss and hug. You know where your eyes, nose, ears, neck, armpit, tummy, hair, hands, feet, teeth, and tongue are. You LOVE books! We bond every night by reading your books together — thanks to Brainy Baby and Dr. Seuss for making kids happy! (NOTE: When your child sits in your lap as you read aloud, she doesn’t just enjoy books, she also enjoys the sound of your voice, and the security of your undivided attention.) And I’m the most proud mom when you read the alphabet out loud, and the numbers 1 to 10! Excellent job, baby!

In bed, you like sleeping REALLY close to us. You put your arm around my neck which melts my heart. You kiss Daddy while he sleeps, even without me telling you to do it. You’re the sweetest baby. I’m a working mom, and nothing beats the feeling when you run to me with a HUGE smile, as soon as you see me in the doorway. The kiss and hug that go with that are the best things in life.

I look forward to this long road of motherhood ahead of me. I know that my journey has just begun.